London Congestion

London's bus lanes are at risk of becoming congested with limousines and buses rallying for their position on the fast track. Initially set up to provide high speed and priority access to buses around London, allowing the over 40,000 private hire vehicles in the city to use these lanes as well will have a significant effect on traffic congestion.

The MP for Ilford North, Lee Scott, is also worried that motorists may follow the private hire vehicles into the bus lanes, thinking it is now accepted. However, the Mayor sees private hire vehicles being granted access to the bus lanes of London in the near future and earlier last year even said as much in a radio interview. The Mayor coupled this announcement with the news that that the new signage requirements for public hire vehicles would mean that the operator's advertising would be displayed in their vehicle's rear windows to avoid confusion on the roads.

However, Mr Scott does not believe this will be enough to ensure the free movement of the bus lanes, as while London's black cabs are instantly recognisable, private hire vehicles are not. Limousines come in all shapes, sizes and colours and the new regulations to allow them to use the bus lanes will have every motorist looking for a quicker way to work, claiming to be a limousine chauffeur.

The Chairman of the LTB, Brian Rice, feels that the points raised by Mr Scott and the current block of the new bus lane regulations is positive. While the bus drivers, the taxi drivers and the limousine drivers all feel that their passengers are the most important and that they should have priority access to the roads and the ‘fast lane', simply opening up the bus lanes to private hire vehicles will need further discussion and planning.

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