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Limousine rides are exciting for anyone of any age, and they are especially exciting if they are free. In Escondido, the transport system is such that services don't readily or easily connect, and so a free shuttle service has been implemented between the Escondido Transit Centre and Downtown to transport those riding the Sprinter into town.

The Sprinter light rail line transports passengers into the city and in an effort to draw more people to downtown Escondido to benefit the merchants in this area, a limousine shuttle will now take these passengers from the last stop of the train when they arrive into the city, to explore the downtown area they may not ordinarily have reached during their visit to the city.

Provided by the Downtown Business Association, the limousine shuttle has only just started operating. The free limousine ride offers passengers and visitors to the city a little extra service and the chance to feel like a star. Limousine rides are usually seen as being reserved for celebrities and when a free limo ride is offered around town, it is sure to be met with approval.

And that approval came in the form of nonstop rides and on the first day of the limousine shuttle run, over 50 residents took advantage of the free luxury limo ride into downtown. The limousine shuttle will continue to be available in Escondido from 11 am until 7 pm, every Saturday until June.

The limousine used for the shuttle was a ten seater and still there were people lining up at the train station for their ride. Residents from outside the city and along the coast named the limousine ride as the major drawcard for visiting the city on the inaugural limousine shuttle weekend. With public transport made even easier, many locals are considering visiting the city even more often.

While not every public transport service is met by a free limousine shuttle to get you closer to your destination more easily, it doesn't mean you can't organise one yourself. Simply contact Limo Wizard now and we can organise for a sleek and stylish limousine to meet you at the airport, train station or the docks this weekend.

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