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While it is now possible to purchase carbon credits to offset your emissions from almost anything you do, many businesses want to show that they are not just making a token gesture and throwing money at a problem hoping to improve their image, but they are approaching the issue of their carbon footprint from every angle.

This is why you will find that limousine hire companies are not just converting the limousines they are able to, to run on natural gas, nor are they simply partnered with carbon credits companies and purchasing trees on your behalf when you hire from them. Many limo hire companies are looking at every aspect of how they run their business and how they can do so in a ‘greener' way.

Limousine hire companies, as with any business which operates a booking system, produce a lot of paper and documentation surrounding all of their daily operations. While there are contracts to be signed, copied and filed away, a limousine hire company also goes to extra lengths to ensure that the bookings of their limos are confirmed, customers receive a copy of their invoice and a copy of their receipt when they have paid.

Therefore, many limousine hire companies are working to reduce this amount of paper by using electronic copies as much as possible. This means emailing quotes and receipts instead of posting or faxing and these simple changes can reduce the paper a limo hire office uses by around 50%.

Also, limousine hire offices need to look clean, clear, professional and stylish and so the fixtures and fittings are likely to be crisp and lit with good quality lighting to avoid a dark and dingy feeling. However, by simply changing the light bulbs in this display and image lighting limo hire companies are able to maintain their image and increase their energy efficiency by around 75%.

Of course as limo hire companies are not the only businesses going green, they will often go to lengths to support businesses taking the same ‘green' steps. This includes using recycled paper, and buying office supplies and working with contractors who have employed similar environmentally friendly changes in their offices.

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