GPS Speed Camera

Any business is happy to utilise something which can save them time and in turn money and this is usually when technology or equipment has more than one use and solves two problems at once.

One example is using the GPS system in limousines to monitor the speed and driving techniques of their chauffeurs. Chauffeurs love their GPS systems as they allow the chauffeurs to navigate correctly every time without having to memorise maps each time they have to pickup and drop off passengers at a new destination.

Some GPS systems will also have live updates to allow chauffeurs to avoid traffic build-ups or accidents and with this live feed also comes the ability for the limousine hire company operators to monitor the speeds of their chauffeurs. However, in gaining this knowledge of your chauffeurs' driving behaviours you need to know what to do with it and more importantly what you are allowed to do.

Some GPS systems will allow you to set alarms which will notify you if your chauffeurs are going over the speed limit and some limo hire companies will simply work on a ‘three strikes and you're out' system. However, sometimes there is a good reason for a chauffeur to be driving a little above the speed limit.

For example, in overtaking a chauffeur may speed up to get around a slow vehicle and be over the speed limit for just a couple of seconds to complete the manoeuvre. Or a limousine may be delayed in its trip because of mechanical reasons and have to hand its passengers over to another limo in the area. The replacement limo may ‘hurry' a little to make the pickup and then continue in a little haste to get the passenger to their destination on time.

So before you start to fire, discipline or even dock the wages of chauffeurs who exceed the speed limit, make sure you give them a chance to explain. However, in your interview and training process you should have taken the time and put in the energy to find out whether your chauffeurs were trustworthy and safe drivers and if they are, you should be able to give them the benefit of the doubt and allow them to use their GPS for navigation purposes alone.

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